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Eerie Images of Kids Watching TV

Did you see these pictures on CNN?  The photos of these kids watching TV are eerie…yet revealing.  At least, it validated my concerns about screen time for young children.  Let’s get outside this summer!  Read in the grass, hike, explore, swim!  How’s your summer going so far?


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TV for Mommy

I came to the realization today that I had not watched TV since my baby was born 5 months ago.  Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?  I guess I wasn’t a huge TV fan before and I get upset whenever the TV is on for too long, but I’m sort of worried.  I’m concerned that I will become so out of touch with pop culture that I won’t be able to communicate appropriately with other people.  Next thing I know, I’ll be speaking baby-talk to my clients and co-workers!  Am I having the right amount of me time without TV?  Well, I did manage this blog post.  I’m sitting in the rocker listening to Daddy and Baby engage in a giggle session.  Who needs TV when you can listen to that?