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Sensorial and Practical Life Activities – Play-doh, Emery Boards, and Dried Beans!

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Before I describe the activities B enjoyed this week, I would like to say that I usually do NOT put my toddler in our mobile chair.  We are just using it now since we are not at home.  I don’t recommend it.  B has been using a small table and chair since he was about one.  The table and chair promote independence and body control.  Anyway…

Here are three activities that B REALLY enjoyed this week.

1.)  In the first picture, B is playing with play-doh and dinosaurs.  When B gets bored with an activity, we add something new.  This time we added dinosaurs.  Instant imagination explosion!

2.)  In the next picture, B is putting all my emery boards back in the container that they came in.  It goes to show that you should always check your trash.  It’s probably worth an activity or two.

3.)  In the last picture B is playing with dried beans.  He actually asked for the beans.  In a prior post I showed how he likes to plow through them with his cars and bulldozers.  Here he simply enjoyed putting them in different containers and swirling them around his tray.  A bonus activity is picking them up off the floor and putting them in a container.

What is the most interesting sensorial (using the senses) activity you have tried with your kids?


IMG_3860 IMG_3861 IMG_3901 IMG_3903 IMG_3907 IMG_3909



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